Simply Music?

In an effort to simplify life and the website here, I am in the process of having just one website. I could call it simply music, but my life is full of creativity. My life moves from painting to a song, to a book, to prayer. Then the dog asks for a walk and we […]


Happenings in my Writing

This was supposed to be a photo of my puppy. I clearly clicked on the incorrect icon. Web design and writing blogs takes a lot of time. So does writing books. I’m excited to say however that my muse has been busy! Last year, I came out with my first CD, Ordinary Miracles. It was […]


Finding Joy

  This Sunday, I will be playing music and telling stories with my good friend, David Brewin. We will be playing at the UUF in Franklin North Carolina. They’re a great fellowship full of love, compassion, and welcome. The last time David and I were there, we talked about death. Not a cheery topic, but […]