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Robin is always working on books. There are two books in the works. The important one will be a collection of poems, prayers, and essays from various poets, writers, and healers. A delay has caused this to be moved to summer 2022. The title is For the Broken-Hearted. This will be published by Napping Dog Press and the proceeds will be donated to a charity upon which all authors agree.  Robin is also working on another collection of original poetry.

More Than Knowing Released 2019

This is a collection of original poetry. Influenced by Oliver and Rilke, Robin hopes to one day grow to write poetry that lasts through the ages. This book is currently out of publication.  Robin is still writing poetry and seeing to put More Than Knowing into a new format.

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Praying Together is a collection of prayers based upon the Book of Common Prayer. The collection also includes prayers and poems by other poets as well as Robin. This is the first book published by Robin’s new press, Napping Dog Press. All proceeds from the sale of this book are donated to Boone’s Hospitality House.

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Robin’s debut novel, the characters search for meaning in life and a place where all belong. A story that is a mixture reminiscent of Fried Green Tomatoes and At Home in Mitford, this novel portrays a loving sense of community and home. The rural North Carolina town of Pleasant Quarry becomes a place where all belong. Robin set out to write a story that was more similar to the life lived in a rural setting.

Robin’s non-fiction tends to have a very religious or spiritual nature to it. I’m this work of fiction, some of that spiritual color comes through, but in a way that is listed as a minor bit of information. The point of this fiction is simply to tell a good story that might make you laugh, might make you think, but the purpose is merely telling a good story. It is Robin’s hope that the story you are about to read will be interesting as you catch a glimpse of life in the rural South of the Piedmont in North Carolina.

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About Robin

Robin holds an A.B. in music from Pfeiffer University and a Master of Divinity degree from Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary (LTSS). Robin has been a poet, and writer of short-story from an early age. From the teens on, she kept journals, and wrote essays and stories for fun.

Turning 60 in 6 days.

This went along well with supporting her musical compositions too. Later her writing experience helped in the writing of newsletters, sermons, and theological essays. Her essay on Contemplative Prayer was published in the Taproot Journal of LTSS. As an artist, Robin has sketched and painted throughout life as a form of meditation. Music has been her life and continues to be part of the gifts she gives to the world.

Robin is a writer and artist living in The High Country of  Western NC with her sweet mountain dog, Birdie, and her loving partner, Dr. Heather Thorp, her 2 big dogs,  Ginger & Luna.

Birdie, a saint, and the dragon.