In an effort to simplify life and the website here, I am in the process of having just one website. I could call it simply music, but my life is full of creativity. My life moves from painting to a song, to a book, to prayer. Then the dog asks for a walk and we are looking at the creativity in nature.

Now, as I try to simplify and get down to the essence of my life, I see that it’s not only filled with beauty and love, but there’s basically only a few essential things to focus on. Music is one of course. Music will always be essential in my life. Then writing essays and poetry…sometimes books. Painting is one of my favorite ways to meditate. It’s the only way that my mind truly stops thinking.

My hope is in the coming weeks to simplify this website too. I want it to show forth beauty and also encourage others to embrace your own beautiful lives. Feedback is always welcomed.


May your life be seen as art today!


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