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Supporting Small Business

Spending most of my life as a musician, I have had the pleasure of working for many small businesses as a way of supplementing my income. Yes, I also worked at the larger businesses but I have to tell you, my favorite places to work and shop have always been the small businesses.

The businesses on this page may not all be LGBTQIA+ businesses, but they are all safe and welcoming businesses. Many of the ones listed here also contribute to the LGBTQIA+ community and/or are owned by someone of like mind.

Our small businesses need us more than ever since the quarantine. Please consider these businesses as you think of gifts for the holidays, or birthdays, or thank you gifts. These people are counting on you and me!

Book Stores

Who doesn’t love a bookstore? Well, I know some folks may not like books, but I LOVE them. Here are two of my favorite Indie Bookstores. Please order from your local Indie bookstore and if you don’t have one in your town, please order from these small-town businesses! Amazon doesn’t need your business to survive, but these folks do!

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Books by Robin

City Lights Bookstore, Sylva, NC

City Lights is located in the southern portion of our wonderful Appalachian Mountains. These people are great in many ways. They also carry signed copies of my books.

Signed Copies available at City Lights NC.


Foggy Pines, Boone, NC

Foggy Pines is the closest bookstore to Beech Mountain. They are great to get books to you if they don’t have them on-hand. Their customer service is great too! I miss the space and the cat too. Oh, and the bookstore owners of course!

Birdie loves Foggy Pines too.

Businesses & People who support your butch!

JRobin identifies as a butch. This page is dedicated to businesses, artists, writers, and all who in some way support our butch identity.

Remember, Butch, Is Not a Dirty Word!

Get The Goods.

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