Losing Things – Love Letters to the World

Don’t you hate it when you lose something in your own house? You KNOW it’s there somewhere, you just had it a moment ago, or yesterday. This morning alone, I lost a notebook that I KNOW is in my home because I just used it two days ago and we… Read more“Losing Things – Love Letters to the World”

It is Past the Time for Whites to Listen. DO SOMETHING NOW!

“To Love Is To Know Is To Act” ~Eknath Eswaran Whites, it is time to change yourself. Forget other people, look in that mirror, and change yourself. DO SOMETHING NOW. Whites have not been listening until now and now is not the time for learning but the time for action…. Read more“It is Past the Time for Whites to Listen. DO SOMETHING NOW!”

Daredevil Bird Flight

There has been a juvenile junco doing daredevil flights from a neighbor’s porch on the second floor. In the two and a half years since living here, many birds have flown into the windows on the porch, but they don’t usually zip in from the east out to the forest… Read more“Daredevil Bird Flight”

This is US

Monday Morning Montage COVID-19 Rambling April 27, 2020 I start writing for the new week, the question arises, “is this us“? Looking for a soundtrack to the week, I listen to NPR until the news has me so angry, I can’t think straight. The Navajo Nation is being hard hit,… Read more“This is US”

Marking the Days and Sometimes, Rage

Raging Corona Virus Diary April 14, 2020 Normally, my days are marked by church days. On Sundays, it is worship and Adult Christian Education (ACE) when possible. That way, I know if the next day is Monday. I know if it’s Tuesday by its location between church on Sunday and… Read more“Marking the Days and Sometimes, Rage”