Compassion as a Way of Life

As a person of faith, I am constantly asking myself what does it mean to live a life of compassion? This time, I decided to also talk to my friends about it as well as researching various words. As you read over our conversations, what would our world be like… Read more“Compassion as a Way of Life”

Abortion and Me?

Abortion and Me by JRobin Whitley, September 23, 2020 Starting this writing with a title such as “Abortion and Me” won’t make sense at first. At least, not at the beginning as I confess that I’ve never had an abortion. Then, the quote I add first may also be a… Read more“Abortion and Me?”

The Path of Loving-Kindness

Love. As much as I’ve sought to be loving and kind in my life, I might need to adapt Morrison’s lyrics to say, “Love…or loving-kindness…don’t know what it is.” Why? Because each time I think I’ve grown in love, mercy, compassion, or my understanding of how it works together with justice, I find other ways that I am not loving or kind. All I can do is admit my error, admit my defeat, but get back up and walk on in love.

Both/And Versus Either/Or in 2020

In the time of COVID, compassion is needed more than ever. Robin calls the reader to move towards actions of respect for those who are different.

Blurred Images

The human brain has great capabilities, and the human heart, even more possibilities. That doesn’t mean that we can “know it all” or “be it all”. That human limitation is why we need each other. That limitation that the world has is why species are interdependent upon one another.