The word looks strange as I type it this morning. The truth is, anxiety feels strange. We all know this. Below is a poem I wrote years ago (2008) and happen across now. It causes me to wonder if humanity any longer has the ability to change for the better…or maybe it’s about desire…


The wise ones sought to teach us


Stop all activity.

    Be still and know.

      Listen to the wisdom of your soul.

Instead, we choose noise.

   televisions, radios, phones, would make life

 easier we thought; bring us closer to loved ones.

    High-definition television becomes the

Center of family. No discussion

   of fields of wheat

    or how the bees are dying.

We watch and hear

   disaster, war, rape, and

new realms of violence.

In this modern world, Hebrew scripture seems tame.

True humanity is out of the picture.

When a moment lapses into silence,

We turn on the radio to stop the grumblings of spirit…

…but the grumbling continues, assimilates the rhythm and meaning of the words we hear

   And grows into something bigger

And more confusing.

“Something’s wrong with the world,” we say.

I tell you this, “It is us.”






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