Begin Again

Each day is a new day to begin again. The morning light grows brighter and energizes me. As I sweep the porch, I think my love of G+d, the Holy of Holies. Thinking on the task before me as another year passes, questions arise. What does it mean to be… Read more“Begin Again”

A Wedding and a Divorce – Anniversary

A Wedding and a Divorce Sounds like some new movie for Hugh Grant to star in, but it’s not. Don’t get me wrong, there were funerals during this time too. Death waits for no one and cares not about our special occasions. My ex and I had planned our wedding… Read more“A Wedding and a Divorce – Anniversary”

Dreaming Cats

Dreams of cats. Jung had a good time with that symbolism.  I’m sure Freud did too, but my dreams resonate with Jung’s dream analysis much more than Freud. This was the best dream of a cat I had ever had. I’m not going into the other dreams because that’s way… Read more“Dreaming Cats”

Snow Kisses

Giving Thanks

Giving thanks is a good thing. Many theologians believe that is humanity’s only purpose in life. Not sure where I stand on that right now because I believe God made us more than that. I do know I don’t celebrate the destruction of the Native American communities. Of course, if… Read more“Giving Thanks”