Porch Tales – Red Squirrel

The pink morning rises cold over the mountains. A scurry of squirrels descends upon the porch, hungry for a morning meal. The three hoard the seed as though I put it out for them. The two gray squirrels had stayed away while there was only safflower seed. This month, I… Read more“Porch Tales – Red Squirrel”

Who is Me? Thoughts on a Cold Snowy Morning

The morning is cold and snowy even after the sun comes out and the clouds disappear. The snow resembles clouds littered on the ground with cloud detritus hiding our human messes. There’s only so much mess the snow can cover though. Even for those places where the snow is deeper… Read more“Who is Me? Thoughts on a Cold Snowy Morning”

A Foggy Monday in Advent 2020 – Hope

Monday morning is foggy; the fog so thick, the mountains on the horizon have disappeared from view. Advent is the liturgical season that started yesterday in the Christian tradition. The period starts on a Sunday and then leads up to December 25. Advent is seen as a time of waiting… Read more“A Foggy Monday in Advent 2020 – Hope”

Hot or Cold?

This morning starts out cold and gray. Only last night, I had to open the window to the bedroom so that it would be cool enough to sleep. Saturday, it was a gorgeous day, and the dog and I could go outside and warm in the sunshine. I had on… Read more“Hot or Cold?”


Ungreat I am not great never aspired to be greater than others… only wanted to be better than I am.   ©J.Robin Whitley 10/26/2020