Love Letter to the World – Compassion

Love Letter to the World – Compassion This past Sunday, I posted a collection of other friends’ thoughts on the meaning of compassion. Originally, the idea was to write an essay on the topic of compassion. However, when I read responses from friends, it’s clearer than ever that the word… Read more“Love Letter to the World – Compassion”

Compassion as a Way of Life

As a person of faith, I am constantly asking myself what does it mean to live a life of compassion? This time, I decided to also talk to my friends about it as well as researching various words. As you read over our conversations, what would our world be like… Read more“Compassion as a Way of Life”

Abortion and Me?

Abortion and Me by JRobin Whitley, September 23, 2020 Starting this writing with a title such as “Abortion and Me” won’t make sense at first. At least, not at the beginning as I confess that I’ve never had an abortion. Then, the quote I add first may also be a… Read more“Abortion and Me?”

The Path of Loving-Kindness

Love. As much as I’ve sought to be loving and kind in my life, I might need to adapt Morrison’s lyrics to say, “Love…or loving-kindness…don’t know what it is.” Why? Because each time I think I’ve grown in love, mercy, compassion, or my understanding of how it works together with justice, I find other ways that I am not loving or kind. All I can do is admit my error, admit my defeat, but get back up and walk on in love.

Both/And Versus Either/Or in 2020

In the time of COVID, compassion is needed more than ever. Robin calls the reader to move towards actions of respect for those who are different.