Joy in the Morning – A Valentine to Myself

“It is a serious thing just to be alive on this fresh morning in this broken world.” ~Mary Oliver I rise early on this rainy morning, excited about the book I’m editing, excited about the essay I’m writing. There is joy in the morning. This often happens for me as… Read more“Joy in the Morning – A Valentine to Myself”

A Definition of Butch: by Searching4Self (Permission Granted)

The trouble is, all who are “Butch” are individual; we aren’t a monolith with uniform surfaces and symmetrical dimensions. Each unique person brings their own flavor and flair to this identity. There are commonalities, sure. And there are shared experiences among many who wear this name. But no one true definition will work for all.

Thinking about Butch

In my haste to work, get a lot done, please people, there was so much WONDER that I missed. I am claiming the wonder and the mystery of life.

Ornery Muses and Love, Sweet Love

As I finish a music project for a local church and print off a book draft, I have to laugh at how ornery my muses are. At first, I typed that they were uncooperative and realized that wasn’t exactly correct. I’m not having a creative block. If anything, they are… Read more“Ornery Muses and Love, Sweet Love”

A New Poet to Consider – Jordan Vinditelli

Over the weekend, I met a wonderful new friend, Jordan Vinditelli. I hope you will take time to read their blog! I was especially moved by the poem Staying Safe which is reprinted here with permission. Staying Safe Kiss your partner before you open the door. Make sure the blinds… Read more“A New Poet to Consider – Jordan Vinditelli”