Creatives To Check Out

Creatives to check out is a list of indie artists that I think you will appreciate. The creatives listed here are either part of the LGBT community or support and believe in us.

They Might Be Fierce

They Might Be Fierce is a blog written by a new poet I met in the Boone area. I hope you will read and support their blog. I really love the goal of the blog too. “Though they be but little, they are fierce.” Promoting visibility and encouraging strong inner voices.

They Might Be Fierce

Jewelry by artsfish

Please click on the image to visit artsfish.

Artsfish Studio is a studio now out of Austria. Cherie and her husband create beautiful artworks in many different forms. Cherie is a wonderful jeweler and Claus a cook. Currently, their line focuses on jewelry and stationery.

Need a gift for that special someone? Cherie is glad to work with you for the handmade items you may envision.

Portraiture and Custom Paintings

I’m also excited to be learning more about the great artists we have in our community. Jennifer Lynn is the artist who designed the cover for my debut novel. Check out her art and support her if you can. We’re all in this together!

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